How long have you been trying to get in shape?

How long have you been trying to get in shape? Have you ever achieved your goals? Think back, when did you first decide you wanted to lose weight, fat, put on muscle, get stronger, get fitter... a few months, a couple of years, maybe even a whole decade ago?

Recent articles have exposed the increased dangers of coronavirus on obese populations and following articles exploring whether the pandemic has increased concerns with individuals own health and fitness. If the pandemic has had a positive impact on individuals who were previously not keeping fit, being active, eating well, so on then this is great news. But at the same time, it is worrying that it takes a pandemic for this to happen.

I want to address this in terms of the general population achieving their health and fitness goals - or not achieving them.

Individuals are moving through life always achieving things that they want to, getting into the university they hoped to, getting the jobs they want and moving to the city they dreamed of. So why is such a personal goal, one that actually has far greater impacts on your mental and physical well being disregarded?

Either, we keep adjusting our goals so we never reach them or we just can’t stay consistent for long enough to achieve them. If it is the former, then you need to reflect and appreciate how far you have come and re-evaluate what is actually important to you. If it is the latter then you need to address why you don’t stay consistent?

Yes, life gets in the way and we have busy lives but hasn’t this pandemic just proved to us that we can get a decent workout in just 20 minutes...from home. There aren’t many excuses for not being able to fit that in. For most people, if they had just committed to just a 20 minute workout, a couple of times a week, they could be in a very different position.

So what stops you from staying consistent? The choices you make. It is simply down to the choices you make every single day. People tend to blame their motivation, But you don’t need motivation if you decide to make a choice to do something. You don’t only go to work when you feel like it, you go because you have made the choice that you need to. Obviously in most cases, there are far greater immediate impacts of not going to work than doing a workout. But I urge people to start to take their health and fitness as seriously as other decisions they make on the daily. Not only because of the physical benefits but also the mental benefits that it will bring.

Remember no one ever regrets a workout.

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