TEN DAYS OF FITNESS CHALLENGE - a 50/10 rated challenge

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I decided to put together a challenge to help people get motivated and have fun with fitness. It was also a way for me to give back to friends, family and supporters throughout this period of setting up my online personal training business.

I felt we had reach a point where any novelty of being in lockdown had long gone. The home workouts were getting a bit mundane and it was difficult to find variety in ways to stay active.

There is also a lot of pressure around staying fit and active during lockdown, during a time where it has been even harder to do so. There is also a lot of misleading information and confusion around health and fitness, with people being more concerned how to exercise rather than just getting started.

I wanted to energize people’s fitness routines, give them just 30 minutes of activity to stick to each day for 10 days. The 30 minutes ranged from HIIT and Tabata workouts to a choice of any 30 minutes of activity. Nothing motivates people like competition so I also included a unique daily challenge which was a surprise each day and gave them another little target to aim for. These were anybody’s game, ranging from a light and easy water drinking competition to a more hardcore savage core amrap workout. I wanted to give people an activity to look forward to, a task to commit to that also happens to be fitness related, beneficial and challenging.

Overall the challenge was a huge success, I loved the community feel with people interacting in the group message and seeing how everyone was getting on with their workouts and challenges. One of the highlights was the live workouts and I had some great feedback on those! Everyday receiving pictures and messages of people getting stuck in was a great feeling - knowing that someone was doing something for their own personal fitness through something I had created was the best.

There is no challenge without a winner, so for this challenge my chosen winner was Gemma. Gemma was completely committed to the challenge, she completed all the daily workouts and challenges and took some really great pictures along the way so I could see what she was up to.

Here is what some of the challengers had to say about it -

Without being able to go to the gym after work my motivation for exercise has dipped and this has certainly reginted it!

Love the app, love the community, genuinely got me to much more motivated

This was so much fun I had a great time doing it!

What would you rate the challenge out of ten?

10/10 - really good challenge

Can I say 11?


Has the challenge lived upto your expectations?

Way above my expectations - so organised, varied and fun.

Yes, there has been so much to do, so many options and different types of workouts to choose from!

Yes - I love that it created a gym community even though we are all at home. Communication was brilliant throughout and run extremely professionally and comprehensively

What have you particularly enjoyed?

Everyday being different! Loved the variety!

I’ve enjoyed reigniting my love of exercise! I’ve also enjoyed being part of a fitness community again, I've been missing the gym and this is the next best thing!

The creativity of activities and exercises - live workouts are my fave, love feeling like I'm working out with you.

I really enjoyed the live workouts, great teaching style, easy to follow and all different workouts to keep it interesting! The challenges added a fun and competitive element

The different levels you provided and catering and understanding for everyone

Have you made any progress in the challenge?

Yes - I feel stronger and more focused

HECK YEAH! I have noticed changes in my mindset, getting more routine in my days, generally just feeling better and healthier with new things to do everyday

Definitely stronger and more confident. I can see my ABS!!

I can’t believe how much stronger my core got in 10 days?!


Please keep your eyes peeled for my updates as I will be putting together more challenges in the future. I also have two home plans BURN and STRONGER available, full of HIIT and strength based workouts with zero equipment needed. I also offer bespoke online personal training and virtual sessions for individual or small group personalised sessions. All details are on www.ptimo.co.uk, please get in touch for any questions at all!

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