Store cupboard energy balls!

I don't know about you but I often eat peanut butter straight out the jar, I thought that I should actually try and make something with it because I haven't really experimented before.

I tend to steer clear of recipes with peanut butter because A. I don't want to use up a whole jar on a recipe and B. Peanut butter recipes tend to be pretty high in calories. These are not the lowest calorie or highest protein snack out there but they are simple to make, free of refined sugar and absolutely delicious.

You only need four ingredients - that you'll probably have in the store cupboard at home! These takes no longer than 30 minutes to make in total and you can make as many or little as you like at once, freeze some and keep the rest in the fridge!

Then you'll always have a go to snack ready in the fridge and no need to spend money on packaged snacks!

Depending on the size you make - I made 8 small balls with the quantities below and that equaled about 90 calories per ball.

+ A sprinkle of protein powder to coat - Not necessary and could be swapped for flour, almond powder, coconut powder.


  1. Mix the dry ingredients

  2. Microwave together peanut butter and maple syrup till combined and stir together well

  3. Mix all ingredients into one combined mixture then leave in the fridge for 15-20 mins

  4. Mold into little balls - as the size that you want them

  5. coat them in a sprinkling of protein powder to help bind them together and help them not stick together or fall apart.

  6. Keep them in the fridge and enjoy :)

These will last in the fridge for ages and you can even freeze them! But i am sure you will want to eat them all before that :) You can also add choc chips, pb chips, crushed nuts or anything too!

Please like, share and comment - let me know if you have a go making them!

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