Part 2 - How can we intensify home workouts?

In the last post i discussed how we can intensify at home workouts by experimenting with the first variable SPEED. In this post i want to discuss REST PERIODS.

More specifically shorter rest periods and active rest.

Rest periods are too generic and because everyone is at a different level of fitness and working at different intensities during workouts these need to be adapted. A prescribed ‘1 minute’ rest between rounds or sets should be adapted depending on how you feel. If after 30 seconds rest you feel ready to continue, then you should. Or you can adapt the timer for the next round. On all of my programming and plans i obviously have recommended guidelines for rest periods, but in each note for every single workout, i have outlined that rest time and even volume of sets and reps is adaptable depending on how you feel. It is truly down to you how hard you push yourself in a workout so you must begin to understand some techniques of intensifying workouts yourself when there is no personal trainer or class instructor to follow or push you harder.

Another technique is to use an active rest. I frequently use active rest in my strength training because i like my sessions to be as active and energetic as possible. When i am working on a specific muscle group, there are different muscle groups that are not being used. This is where I will often do some core/ ab workouts, in between sets of upper or lower body exercises. In circuits or full body workouts, i sometimes will perform a lighter cardio based movement (shuffles, quick feet, skips) in between exercises to keep my heart rate up and body moving. Active rest is less commonly used in HIIT, as the main feature is that difference between ‘on’ and ‘off’ where the rest should be very much needed as the on is so intense.

Hope this was an interesting read for you and you learnt another possible technique to push yourself even harder in those home workouts! Keep your eyes peeled for part 3.



Thanks for reading, keep your eyes peeled for the next training variable that can be adjusted to intensify home workouts!

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