NUTRITION HACK: Secret Ingredient protein smoothies

Make SMOOTH and HIGH VOLUME protein smoothies without the calories using COURGETTE?

I've seen a few of these recipes using courgette flying around that claim to bulk up the recipes, create a smooth texture and overall increase the volume without adding the calories. (I used 100g frozen courgette which was around 1/2 a normal courgette so less than 20 calories).

It is also an easy way to get some nutrients in without even noticing - Courgette is particularly high in Vitamins K and C, and potassium.

So I wanted to give it a go!

I used 30g scoop of phd smart whey salted caramel protein

200 ml of almond milk (you could just use water)

100g frozen courgette (roughly 1/2 of a courgette)

I blended this all together in my nutribullet and that was it. It definitely created a smooth and creamy texture, the volume was increased and you couldn't taste the courgette one bit! Definitely a useful hack for bulking out smoothies in the future.

Another tip would definitely be to freeze the courgette, then it is really useful to just keep in the freezer and make use of any veg going off and this also worked to replace the ice and make it really nice and cold!

Give this a go and let me know how it goes!

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