Easy High PROTEIN olive bread.

Poor bread gets a bit of a bad rep in the health and fitness world, however once it is high protein it magically becomes accepted. Either way no one can complain about getting in some added protein in a truly delicious loaf of bread! The aim was to try and mimic this Modern Bakery bead that we buy in Dubai, it is really tasty and the macros are insane - 28% protein and only 8% carbohydrates. I always end up having it for every lunch when i'm here!

We found this recipe from Jamie Oliver but we did make some slight adaptions and have played around with it since. It is so nice and so easy that we have pretty much made a new batch every 3-4 days because we are getting through it so quickly.

It is SO easy because it doesn't need any beating or proofing or kneading or whatever that even is... you just mix it all together in bowl and put it in the oven.


7 g sachet of dried yeast

4 tbs olive oil

250 g flour

100 g ground almonds/ almond powder

100 g mixed seeds - chia, sunflower, pumpkin

Fresh rosemary

3 eggs

+ any filling you desire! my favorite is black olives! but other favorites are zaatar and sun dried tomatoes - or you can try all of them together?


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius - depending on how strong your oven is.. ours is too strong so we actually only use it at 165/170. At this stage also grease-proof a loaf tin or baking tray thoroughly with butter or oil. Original recipe recommends a 1.5 -litre loaf tin but we used different tins to vary shape and size and all worked fine.

  2. add the yeast and olive oil to a jug with 375 ml of lukewarm water, combine this together with a fork until combined and leave aside for 5 minutes.

  3. Add the flour, ground almonds and seeds into a large bowl , making a well in the middle. Crack in the eggs into the well, add a pinch of salt and beat together slowly whilst pouring in the yeast mixture.

  4. Gradually whisk it all together until combined – it’ll be more like a runny batter than a dough.

  5. Here is where you can add the olives or other fillings that you don't want to get mashed together in the whisking.

  6. Pour into your tin. Either bake it straight away or you can cover it and place it in the fridge overnight. Bake it in the oven on a low to medium shelf for around 35-45 minutes or until completely cooking in the middle so that a toothpick would come out clean. Leave it to cool and then enjoy!

  7. The bread keeps fine for 3 days and then can be toasted or used as croutons. We used it for croutons over a homemade chicken and lentil soup and they were actually so good because the bread is a bit more oily than usual so fry's up and toasts really well.

Please leave a comment if you have a go and tag me on insta at @pt_imo!!

Thanks xx

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