April: Client Of The Month!

April's client of the month goes to Eliza Banks!

Eliza is one of my virtual PT clients, and she has been consistently hitting 4/5 sessions per week. We focus on body weight high intensity interval training, circuits and some strength based upper and lower body workouts.

Eliza gives 100% effort, fitting in sessions before and after work, maintaining her activity through walks and also smashing her runs. She continues to improve her 5K run time and has also increased the distance!

After our first few sessions together she was very sore and needed a couple of rest days, she also had lower motivation in general for sessions and her runs. Since then she has become so much fitter and motivated.

Eliza moves quicker, jumps higher and squats lower - she takes on board everything that I tell her gives her full effort. She has also made strong progress in her upper body and core strength, managing to do a lot more reps in plank position exercises as well as maintaining her balance and supporting her whole body.

In our session today Eliza completed a whole 18 minute circuit without any rest and recovered so quickly that we threw in another 5 minute circuit. I honestly would have really struggled it was a really tough workout!

I have really enjoyed sessions with her, experimenting with pyramid sets, AMRAP and timed circuit challenges. I am looking forward to watching her continue to improve her fitness and i am going to have to up my game before we ever work out together!

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