Abs are made in the kitchen?

A common saying that sort of gets to the point but what does it actually mean?

We all have abdominal muscles, in fact we all have 4; The rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques and the transverse abdominis.

“Abs” refers to the rectus abdominis, the external abdominal muscles. This is a segmented muscle located on the front of your abdomen between your lower ribs and pelvis.

Now that we know that we all have ‘abs’ what distinguishes six pack looking Zac Efron style abs from the unseen kind…

we can work on our ‘abs’ from two approaches -

1. Exercises which help to build and strengthen your abdominal muscles so they become more prominent

2. Losing fat in the stomach area so we can see them.

There is no point doing thousands of sit ups and bulking out your abdominal muscles but not losing any of the fat covering them so they can actually be seen.

This is why it can be disheartening to hear of people doing relentless ab workouts hoping for a flat stomach when they haven’t yet sorted out their nutrition. If you have fat in that area you are going to need to lose that to uncover your hard work. That will require you to put some effort into working out your calories needed to sustain an energy deficit and then stick to this until you lose enough fat in this area for your abs to be seen.

So i guess, yes abs are sort of made in the kitchen. Without proper nutrition and protein we can’t grow sufficient muscle - our core muscles. And without focusing on our nutrition to be in a calorie deficit, we cannot lose the fat in that area which helps to reveal the abs.

Thanks for reading and please get in touch with any questions or if you are looking to improve your ‘abs’ just in time for those last minute holidays.

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