3 ingredient banana pancakes!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

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In the mood for some pancakes but A. trying to stay on track B. Have limited ingredients - come on who can buy flour atm?! C. feel like experimenting with a new EASY fool proof recipe. These actually work, they are easy and they are delicious.

Nutrition (makes 5 medium sized pancakes as shown)

263 calories | 32 g carbs | 14 g protein | 10 g fats


1 large banana

2 eggs

2/3 tsp of baking powder

+ oil/butter to cook - (not added into nutrition as i used 1 cal oil spray so be aware this will add to the cals depending on what you use)

+ any toppings you desire! i added golden syrup, yogurt, blueberries and loads of cinnamon.

these are naturally sweet because of the banana, but if you wanted them sweeter you could add vanilla essence, stevia or any sugar to the mix. I also added some cinnamon into the mix before cooking.


1. heat up a pan with butter or oil on a medium heat

2. blend up the chopped banana, eggs and baking powder

3. slowly pour a small/medium sized american style pancake amount onto the pan

4. flip, continue.. you know how to make pancakes.

5. done! top with your faves, enjoy :)

Please leave a comment if you have a go and tag me on insta at @pt_imo!!

Thanks xx

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