3 diet tips during isolation!

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ISOLATION DIET?? 3 things that could help reduce the damage during this period.

I’m calling it a ‘diet’ as a term to just explain what and how people eat. Lots of people will obviously be experiencing a huge change in their usual food/ eating/ diet habits. Some may actually find they are being healthier with home cooked food and more time to prep and enjoy food. Or if you are like me, then you could be eating quite a bit more and different sorts of foods (home cooked family meals which are delicious) ⠀

Now I understand that this is not a priority for a lot of people but for others this is a huge concern. No one wants to watch the weight creeping up, feel sluggish and come out of this period feeling crappy. ESPECIALLY if you have just started on your journey and you were just starting to see some results. More trained individuals will probably not suffer so much in this period as their body is more adapted for changes in diet and lifestyle and able to cope with the effects less dramatically.

Even if you are well trained or even not concerned with staying on track right now, i still believe that taking care of yourself and being able to have control over one thing could really help mentally and physically when a lot of other things are out of our hands.

These are my 3 ‘diet’ related tips to staying on track 📝⠀

■ Consider your eating window aka intermittent fasting.

I personally find it extremely helpful to skip my breakfast or just having it later on in the day. This fits in well with my current daily routine, being at home and having large family dinners together in the evenings. By reducing that first meal or pushing it into my lunch time, I have saved some calories and get less hungry throughout the day leaving more space for a larger dinner and even a treat or so after dinner. I also tend to wake up not hungry at all (because of the big dinner) and enjoy training fasted and then having my first meal when i am actually hungry for it after this!

■ Make boredom snacking unharming⠀

It is obviously easier and more tempting to snack throughout the day when you are metres from the kitchen. This can be detrimental to being able to stay on track, as i guarantee if you counted the calories in all the snacking you would be pretty shocked. Instead of grazing on little bits here and there, I try to satisfy my cravings with lots of Tea and coffee, drink water and diet cokes (addicted)! If i am actually hungry then i'll make a proper snack (fruit, nuts, peanut butter straight out the jar ha).

■ Weekend mentality ⠀

This is helping in lots of ways! At first the weeks were blending into one which is cool but now I like to differentiate them. I am mostly only drinking on weekend evenings which makes these evenings different from the others. In terms of food, i am staying more strict during the week eating the same sorts of meals i would have normally and then having more indulgent foods at the weekends. I wouldn't call them cheat meals at all and this is not something I do normally either, but I find that I obviously socialise during the weekends and a huge part of that is through eating and drinking :) From now on I’m also going to try to limit the chocolate to weekends after dinner rather than smashing down a pack of Oreos on Monday at 8am just because I have no clue what day it is…

I really hope this gives you some ideas and please like this post, leave a comment with your thoughts, questions or top tips you may have! Also please note I am NOT a nutritionist so these are just ideas and you should check that they would work for you before trying them.

Thanks x ⠀

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