2 ingredient healthy naan bread!!

This recipe was taken from my favorite food blogger, Arman author of #Thebigmansworld. I have tried lots of his healthy recipes, they always work so well, are so simple and i can never believe they taste as good as the original recipes would given the healthy substitutes he suggests. I am HUGE fan!

This recipe worked so well that i wanted to document it and share it with you guys! All you need is yogurt and flour, you can make it in about 10 minutes and no fancy techniques are required.

I have made this both plain, as a garlic bread and with paneer cheese and each have worked perfectly. I have ever adapted this to make it more like garlic bread - i added plenty of freshly chopped and fried garlic and brushed properly each side with butter!

For the basic recipe the ingredients are as follows:

1 + 3/4 cup of self raising flour

1 cup of yogurt - I used regular low fat but Greek or dairy free would work fine.

0.5 tsp of salt - adjust depending on how salty you want them.

- This picture shows the amount made from the above. 3 larger ones (garlic) and two small ones (with paneer)


1. In a big bowl mix together all the ingredients to form a big ball of dough

2. Sprinkle some extra flour onto the surface and in your hands

3. Split the dough ball into as many naans as you want - it makes 7 mini ones and four large ones. (Obviously adjust the recipe if you want to make more)

4. Roll out each small dough ball into the oval naan bread shape, and cook directly on a hot pan over a medium heat.

5. You don't need to use any oil/butter in the pan because the flour will stop it from sticking - make sure you are using a good quality non stick pan too so that it can cook without burning.

6. cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until lightly brown or as cooked as you like them. I also would suggest doing this again briefly to warm these up again quickly just before eating !

7. An option here is to brush each side with butter or oil to slightly crisp them up - i did for the garlic batch but kept the regular batch completely oil free so they were like light soft doughy pitta breads.

8. Enjoy and be smug that you made them with only TWO INGREDIENTS AND NO OIL OR BUTTER!

A little tip - when i made the garlic naan breads, i fried up some fresh garlic first in chili oil and added garlic salt to the bread to give it extra taste :)

Next time i am going to try and make this into a sweet #peshwarinaan!!

Thanks for reading - please do have a go, this really is an amazing recipe. Like, share and comment and i'd love to see your attempts over on Instagram - tag me @pt_imo so i can have a look!

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