Why are the PT  packages set up as a 2 month payments and can i pay monthly?


Personal training is a commitment to actually achieve your long term health and fitness goals. Although you can expect to see positive changes within your first month, you are still getting used to the program and settling into the new routine. If you were to stop with the program after that. then you would not be able to sustain these results in the long term. After the first month, more long term changes begin to appear as we will work towards reaching your goals. By committing to an initial two months, you are committing yourself mentally to begin to make long lasting changes. After the initial two months, you will seamlessly begin to pay a monthly subscription via direct debit from which you can cancel anytime.

What happens to my account when i have finished my plan or package? 

Your account will turn off, meaning you are no longer able to access your program or any other materials. If you renew or purchase a new plan or package, your account will be reactivated. 


What is the difference between plans and packages?

The packages are the online personal training subscriptions, which are completely individualized and reflect a full personal training experience in an online entity. Members tend to  renew their subscriptions monthly as a more ongoing membership and commitment to personal training. The plans are a months plan tailored towards a specific training style, these include between 2-6 weekly workouts depending on you're level. It is possible to re-purchase a plan for second month (at a reduced rate) in order to complete the level up of the plan. You can then try a different plan which will be full of different workouts for that training style of focus. 

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