'10 days of fitness'



 1st July - 10th July

"Love the app, love the community, genuinely got me to much more motivated"


"This was so much fun I had a great time doing it!"


Rate the challenge out of 10?

Can i say 11?'


'Definitely 10'

Has the challenge lived upto your expectations?


Way above my expectations - so organised, varied and fun.


Yes, there has been so much to do, so many options and different types of workouts to choose from!

Yes - I love that it created a gym community even though we are all at home. Communication was brilliant throughout and run extremely professionally and comprehensively 

What have you particularly enjoyed?


Everyday being different! Loved the variety!


I’ve enjoyed reigniting my love of exercise! I’ve also enjoyed being part of a fitness community again, I've been missing the gym and this is the next best thing!


The creativity of activities and exercises - live workouts are my fave, love feeling like I'm working out with you.


I really enjoyed the live workouts, great teaching style, easy to follow and all different workouts to keep it interesting! The challenges added a fun and competitive element 


The different levels you provided and catering and understanding for everyone 

Have you made any progress in the challenge?


Yes - I feel stronger and more focused


HECK YEAH! I have noticed changes in my mindset, more routine in my days,

generally feeling better and healthier with new things to do everyday 


Definitely stronger and more confident. I can see my ABS!!


I can’t believe how much stronger my core got in 10 days?!